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Monday, July 6, 2020

Macaroni-Gosht Casserole (MACARONI AND MEAT)

Macaroni-Gosht Casserole

1 chicken (cut in small pieces as for stews)

pkt macaroni (broken in 5cm pieces, boiled and


2 cups tomato (juiced or grated)

2 medium onions (sliced)

2 cup fresh grated coconut, optional

1 cup leftover samoosa pur (fried and when the cool crush


I tsp salt

2 tsp chilies

2 tsp turmeric (arad)

4 whole green chilies

2 cup ghee/oil

1 tsp ginger/garlic
1 tsp dhunia/jeero

Brown onions a golden color in ghee/oil. Add chicken
With spices and grated coconut and when moisture is

absorbed add the tomato.

Cook till tomato is absorbed, then add about a cup or as
much water as is necessary to cook chicken. The con-

Sistency of curry should be like thick chutney.

Transfer chicken in the heat-proof casserole, arrange nicely
, and cover it with the drained macaroni. Toss some of sauce

Over macaroni.

Cover casserole and cook for ten minutes. Just before

Serving add fried Samoosa pur over this.

Garnish with a little dhania leaves. Serve hot.

P.S,-Post-Toasties may be substituted for the samoosa


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