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Monday, July 6, 2020

Mealie Meal Casserole (ROTLA LAGAN)

Mealie Meal Casserole

l cup water
1 tbsp butter
tsp salt
cup grated cheese (optional)
l cup mealie meal
I cup milk
1 egg


Bhinda curry, chana dhal, and bhaji, or any dry mince,

moong dhal curry. harga etc.

Bring water and salt to boil. Make a paste of mealie meal
and milk and add to water (lower heat) and stir till the mixture
is smooth. Cover the pot with the lid and allow to cook gently for
10 mins. Add butter and allow it to blend in.

Now beat egg and add a few tbsp of warm mealie meal

to egg, and beat quickly so that egg does not cook.

Now add egg/mealie meal mixture to pot and beat in


of cheese is to be added, the mixture will have to simmer o

more minutes on the stove. Grease oven dish with Oil 0

Pat half of dough on the bottom of pan. Add filling an
rest of dough overfilling.


You may have to grease lunch paper, pat dough, and
did then invert paper overfilling. Remove paper
Smooth edges etc. to cover well.

Dot top with a little butter and bake at 180

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