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Monday, July 6, 2020

Rolled Breasts of Chicken

Rolled Breasts of Chicken

500g chicken breasts
I tsp crushed garlic
1/3 tsp black crushed pepper
1 tbsp Juice of the lemon
I doz chopped prunes or apricots
1 tbsp ground almonds or other nuts
12 tsp pounded chili (red or green)
2tsp crushed cumin
1 tsp salt
2 tbsp butter
2 tbsp fresh cream
2 tbsp vegetable pickle
De-bone breasts. Place flat on board and slit each breast

carefully through the middle but leaving the end intact.
a blunt chopper, pound meat all over to tenderize it.
together. Spread this marinade on both sides of breasts.
you will be able to have a nice long and thick roll of meat.

This will leave you with large flat pieces of breasts. With
Mix cream, butter, lemon, ground almonds and spices
Put meat on a piece of foil, piling them up in a way that
From the side where you will begin to roll the meat like

a swiss roll, arrange the cut-up dried prunes and apricots
and dot with pieces of mustard pickle all along with the dried

Now roll-up like a swiss roll. Close well with foil.
Place this roll in a bowl that can be sealed.
Place this bowl inside another pot with water and steam

for about 45 min.
egg and brown lightly in the oven.
it can be cut at the table as needed.

Unroll meatloaf, brush all over with butter and beaten

Cut a few slices of meat, but leave rest of roll intact and

Serve with lots of salads and vegetables.

Omit pickle, prunes, and apricots and substitute 2 slices

bread (soaked in little milk to soften) and 2 tbsp of green
dhania chutney. Mix well with other ingredients and
spread this Over breasts, and roll as indicated.

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